Top Online Roulette in Canada

For many Canadians, online roulette is the quintessential casino game and is the ultimate iconic casino game that has a great deal to offer both experienced online casino gamers and newcomers to the world of online casino gaming. At first online roulette seems quite complicated and rather intimidating and, granted, while there are quite a few complex bets to be made, the game, in general, is easy to learn and play. Casino Pros will show you the best online casinos in Canada to play great online roulette in as well as guide you through the basics of how to play this classic and iconic casino game.

Finding the best online Roulette at Canadian Online Casinos

Considering that online roulette is a favourite online casino game among Canadian players, second perhaps only to online slots, there are plenty of great online Canadian casinos to choose from. While virtually all online casinos offer the game, it is important to do your homework and only sign up with a Canadian online casino that can offer a solid track record, decent bonus offers, safe online gaming and a good selection of online roulette variations.

How to play Online Roulette

Learning to play online roulette is very easy, and in fact, the game is no different from normal traditional roulette that you would find in a brick and mortar casino. The best way to go about learning how to play online roulette is to start with what are known as outside bets. In online roulette (or any other version of roulette), there are two basic types of bets that you can make, outside bets and inside bets.

While inside bets are typically considered the province of more experienced online roulette players, outside bets are, on the other hand, far easier to make and are generally the favourite of less experienced online roulette players or experienced players that prefer just to play for the entertainment of the game.

Outside bets are very simple to learn and consist of the following:

  • Betting on a colour – betting on either red or black to win
  • Betting on numbers – this means betting on odd or even numbers to win
  • Betting on groups – this means betting on the first, second or third dozen numbers

These bets are very easy to make and are reasonably safe since in most cases you have a 50/50 chance of winning. These bets also pay out at lower odds though at even money (1:1) for colour or odds and evens bets and 2:1 for other bets.

The Difference between American, French and European Roulette

There are essentially three different types or versions of online roulette, and it is important to know the difference as each version has its own set of characteristics that can affect certain factors such as house edge, payout odds and so on.

French roulette and European roulette are quite similar and share much of the same gameplay and rules. French roulette is the most traditional version and features most of its bets and game options such as La Partage in French while European roulette is a more modern version of the game. American Roulette is the newest version (relatively speaking) and, as the name suggests, was developed in American casinos.

The biggest difference between French and European and American roulette is in the overall design of the roulette wheel. While French and European roulette feature a single green zero on the wheel (and on the table), American Roulette features two zeros on the wheel. This means that the American roulette wheel features the same single zero green block as well as an additional “double zero” green block at the opposite end of the wheel. This effectively pushes up the house advantage to over five percent, much higher than the other two versions.

Which version of online roulette is right for you?

All three versions of online roulette, American, European and French have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it is a good idea to try them all. It is generally recommended that new players stay away from the American version of online roulette until they have gained more experience by playing the original French roulette as well as European online roulette.