Canadian Sportsbooks

Two of the biggest pastimes in Canada is watching great sports and then betting on the outcome. Canucks love to bet on a wide range of exciting sports from ice hockey to football. The modern online sportsbook business in booming with Canadian players and Casino Pros is right at the forefront, bringing you the very best Canadian sportsbook action possible.

Being able to bet on your favourite sports events from the comfort of your own home is one of the biggest attractions to online sportsbooks. Today’s modern online sportsbooks are not like the ones that your dad used to deal with. Today, thanks to modern internet technology, being able to place a bet takes only a few seconds. You can even place a bet right in the middle of a game if you feel the outcome might go a different way.

In fact, the online sportsbook industry has become so popular that there are hundreds of options that simply weren’t there a few years ago. All these options are great, but they can also be confusing and daunting, particularly to the uninitiated. This is why Casino Pros is your go-to authority to finding the best, most reliable and safest online sportsbooks to play at. If you are new to online sports betting, take a look through this informative article to learn about all the important aspects of this exciting industry.

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What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is simply being able to place a bet on a team or individual in a sporting event or tournament. There are lots of different betting options that are available in any one sporting event including betting on a team to win, an individual to win, the margin of victory (points or goals), you can even bet on a team or individual to lose and much more. The types of sports that Canadians can bet on is also extensive and includes golf, tennis, football, ice hockey, rugby, motorsports, athletics and much more.

Ice Hockey betting for Canadians

Ice Hockey is considered the most popular sport in the Canadian region and for a good reason. The game is also known as Canada’s official winter sport, attracting a global audience to watch the best teams compete for top titles.

Canadian lovers of the beautiful game can find plenty of sports betting options at our recommended online sportsbooks. Betting options are similar to other great online sports betting markets such as baseball or tennis, and Canucks can bet on teams to win or to draw.

Top Ice Hockey leagues around the world include:

  • NHL betting – National Hockey League, the NHL title leagues, are the most watched and wagered on tournament in Canada and perhaps globally as well.
  • Canada Memorial Cup – Another popular championship game that features the best teams competing for the Canadian Hockey League(CHL) title.
  • OHL betting-This league is regional specific, having the top teams go head to head in the Ontario Hockey League.

Football betting for Canadians

Football is often called the ‘beautiful game’ and is the most popular sport in the world. Football, often called soccer in the USA and other countries, is played and watched in more countries around the globe than any other sport.

Canadian lovers of the beautiful game can find plenty of sports betting options at our recommended Canadian online sportsbooks. Betting options are similar to other great online sports betting markets such as baseball or ice hockey, and Canucks can bet on teams to win or to draw.

Top football leagues around the world include:

  • UEFA – European Football Association, the EUFA Cup is the most watched and wagered on tournament in the world
  • FA Cup – The oldest football tournament in the United Kingdom, second only to the UEFA Cup
  • English Premier League – The Barclays English Premier League is home to some of the biggest football clubs in England
  • La Liga – The Spanish football league, home to all the top football clubs in Spain

Horse race betting for Canadians

Horseracing is also known as the sport of kings and is one of the oldest competitions or races in the world. There are many different and exciting horseracing tournaments that Canadians can bet on around the world with many daily events covered in real time by our top recommended online Canadian sportsbooks.

Many of the most important horse races even feature TV coverage, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy top horse racing action and betting. Betting on horse races at Canadian sportsbooks is easy, and the sites offer a lot of useful tips and information to make your betting easier.

Golf betting for Canadians

Known as the gentleman’s game, golf is one of the oldest sports in the world, and many prestigious tournaments are covered by our recommended Canadian online sportsbooks. Betting on golf, in most cases, is about betting on individual players with the notable exception of the Ryder Cup where punters can bet on either the team from the USA or the team from Europe. Other major golf events include the US Open, the Open Championship, and the Four Majors.

Tennis betting for Canadians

Tennis is another of the older games that still proves to be popular year in and year out. Top tennis stars like Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal are followed religiously by fans around the world from one tournament to the next. Betting on international tennis tournaments leaves a lot of options open for Canadian tennis and sports betting fans as some great tournaments are happening throughout the year.

Online sports betting with tennis can also be quite challenging and interesting as there are various aspects to consider such as:

  • The type of court being played on – these can include clay, grass, indoor
  • The type of match being played – can include singles, men’s, ladies, doubles and mixed doubles
  • Different types of bets including – Match Betting, Handicap Betting, and Set Betting
  • Match Betting – Betting on which player or players will win the match
  • Handicap Betting – Betting on the individual handicap of players
  • Set Betting – Betting on the final score of a given match

Major tennis tournaments from around the world include:

  • Wimbledon – Arguably the most famous of all tennis tournaments. Played on grass in Wimbledon, England.
  • The US Open – Played annually in the United States on a hard outdoor court.
  • The French Open – Played every year in France and one of the most prestigious of the Grand Slam events. Played in Stade Roland Garros.
  • The Australian Open – Another important tournament that kicks off the Grand Slam series. Played in Melbourne Australia each year on a hard court.

How to bet on sports online

Getting started in online sports betting is actually quite a lot easier than what you might initially think. Many first time visitors to our recommended Canadian online sportsbooks are quite intimidated by the sheer number of options that are available.

In fact, betting on top international sports at online sportsbooks is really quite a simple and easy process and, once you get used to the various tables and layouts, is fun and making bets is quick and easy.

To get started, simply pick one of our top recommended Canadian online sportsbooks and register a player account. This process is pretty much the same as the application for a player account at an online casino. All you need is your name and contact details including email address and mobile number. Once your account is registered and confirmed via an email link, you can make your first deposit. Picking a sport to bet on is easy and you can start right here at Casino Pros by following our great sports betting tips and advice.